Snuggle Suit

Snuggle Suit

from 60.00

Don’t you hate coming in from a snowy walk, and having your legs covered with “snowballs”?! Or is it just so cold out, that you really need an extra layer of warmth ...introducing, the Snuggle Suit!.

Designed to keep the snow and slush off of your legs and body, the Snuggle Suit is made from soft polyester fleece which repels moisture and covers the entire body. Stretch fabric and rib trim pulls easily over the head, and covers the front neckline and chest, back and legs, with an opening between back legs for doing your business. Ribbing at legs can be rolled up or down for long or short legs. Designed especially to be worn underneath one of our Bella Lucca Collection coats, but it can also be worn on its own or as P.J’s for bedtime. Buttonhole opening allows for harness leash hook-up, if you chose to wear it without a coat. Available in Pretty Fleece, Rancher Fleece, solid Red and solid Black.

Care: Machine wash warm, tumble dry low.

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