Laurie Herbst and her beloved muse, Lucca!    June 2019

Laurie Herbst and her beloved muse, Lucca!

June 2019

Our story

As a woman’s fashion designer for 25 years, Laurie Herbst’s personal taste in clothing could only be found on the fashion runways in Europe and New York. When it came time to dress her Havanese puppy, Lucca, she was unable to find the level of quality and style that she was looking for in any of the dog boutiques in the area. So, she pulled out her sewing machine, set up the cutting table, and The Bella Lucca Collection of dog clothing was born.

Since its debut in September of 2006, The Bella Lucca Collection has never strayed from the initial vision of  Great American Style. Using the same fabrics and styling details found in the finest men’s and women’s designer boutiques, each dog coat or dog harness is designed to satisfy a key designer look or is simply a stylish version of a wardrobe staple and is assigned a name intended to evoke a personality, place or fashion trend.

Laurie designs and makes every item in the collection by hand in her Providence, RI studio.

Since she cuts and makes every harness and coat herself, she is able to provide custom fit for her 4 legged customers. It is not unusual to create one of a kind designs for many customers, feel free to contact Laurie with any special requests!